Know Your Liquors & Cordials

Is made with neutral grains and spirits and it is the most popular liquor in the United States

Popular Brands Include:
Smirnoff            Absolute          Stolichnaya         Belvedere           Finlandia          Grey Goose
Skyy                Chopin              Van Gogh              Pravda                Ciroc Effen           Ketel One 

Is made from the fermented juices of sugarcane with molasses added, originating from tropical islands.

Popular Brands Include:
Bacardi      Myers       Captain Morgan       Malibu       Mount Gay
Cockspur 8 year       Bacardi Anejo       Green Label 

Is a neutral spirits flavored with juniper berries.

Popular Brands Include:
Beefeater       Tanqueray       Bombay/Bombay Sapphire       Q
Hendricks         Boodle’s

Is made with the fermented juice of the mescal plant.

Popular Brands Include:
Jose Cuervo      Patron       1800       Sauza       Cabo Wabo       Monte Alban (Mezcal)      Corazon         Don Julio          Hornitos

There are 5 main types of Whiskey:
Bourbon, American, Scotch, Irish and Canadian.

Popular Brands Include:
BourbonJim Bean       Old Grandad       Wild Turkey       Jack Daniels (Sour Mash)       Markers Mark            Bookers          
Knob Creek        Blanton’s

 American – Seagrams

 Scotch –       J & B       Cutty Shark       Dewars      
Johnnie Walker       Chavis Regal

        The Glenlivet (single malt)      Glenfiddich (single malt)   Macallan (single malt)

 Irish –           Jamison           Old Bushmills

Canadian – Seagrams V.O.            Canadian Club           Crown Royal


Popular Cordials


A list of popular cordials used in mixed drinks and shots.

B & B Brandy & Benedictine
Grand Marnier – orange flavored cognac
Cointreau – orange flavored
Chambord – raspberry flavor
Crème de Casis – raisin flavor

Sambuca Romana – licorice flavor
Frangelico – hazelnut flavor
Campari – bittersweet
Amaretto di Saronno – almond flavor
Galliano – orange flavor

Drambuie – honey scotch

Bailey’s Irish Cream – coco cream whiskey
Irish Mist – whiskey liqueur

Rumple Minze – peppermint schnapps
Jagermeister – licorice flavor
Black Haus – blackberry schnapps

Southern Comfort – peaches and honey flavor
Amaretto di Amore – almond flavor
Melon liqueur – melon flavor
Anisette – licorice flavor
Crème de Cacao (Light, Dark) – chocolate flavor
Crème de Almond – almond flavor
Crème de Banana – banana flavor
Blue Curacao – blue colored triple sec, orange flavor
Peppermint Schnapps – peppermint flavor

Yukon Jack – orange flavored whiskey

Virgin Islands
Coco Ribe or Malibu – coconut flavored rum

Goldschlager – cinnamon flavor

Ouzo – licorice flavor

Midori – melon flavor

Kahlua – coffee flavor

Tia Maria – coffee flavor

Dry Sack – dry sherry
Harvey’s Bristol Cream – sweet sherry

Apertif Wines
Dubonnet – fortified aperitif wine
Rouge (red)
Blanc (white)

Sweet (Red)
Dry (Blonde)

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